Who We Are

The Evergreen Music Foundation was founded by a small group of dedicated musicians. Its roots began with the creation of the St. Louis School of Music in 2001, offering private lessons to many in the community. As the school progressed, the instructors found that many families simply couldn’t afford to give their children private lessons. As a result, members of the St. Louis School of Music began looking for a way to help nourish music instruction in schools.


In 2004, they discovered the ocarina – an instrument that is easy to learn, affordable, and something children really seem to love. As the members of the St. Louis School of Music worked more and more with music teachers in the education system, many teachers also fell in love with the ocarina. The teachers loved it so much, in fact, that they wanted to switch to ocarinas in their classrooms, but the budgetary concerns of their schools prevented them from doing so.


That’s where the Evergreen Music Foundation comes in. The Evergreen Music Foundation was created to assist teachers and schools in bringing the ocarina to their classrooms. It was founded on the idea that every child deserves a musical education and that learning a musical instrument like the ocarina is one of the best ways to experience music. Over the last few years, the Evergreen Music Foundation has not only donated hundreds of ocarinas to schools, but also created free lesson plans for teachers and provided a host of other resources to get them started. Their intention going forward is to provide ocarina programs to as many teachers and schools as possible, allowing every child a chance to experience the benefits of a musical education.

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