Project OASIS

Project OASIS (Ocarinas Accelerate Success in School) fulfills a need that is especially great among urban, disadvantaged public schools. The students in these schools have less access to music education in general, and are more likely to have school music programs that take place only outside of school hours. To compound the problem, these schools are less likely to be able to depend on school or district funds for their music programs. (“Striking A Chord-The Public’s Hopes and Beliefs for K-12 Music Education in the US”: 2005, conducted by Grunwald Associates, LLC). Unfortunately, urban schools also offer fewer music programs and less access than suburban teachers (“Striking a Chord”)
Project OASIS brings highly experienced music educators into Title 1 schools currently lacking a certified music professional and trains motivated classroom teachers and paraprofessionals to incorporate the Ocarina FUNdamentals! program into the school day. After a meeting with school leadership, an eligible school identifies current teachers or personnel enthusiastic in teaching the curriculum. All of the instruments, curriculum, and teacher support are immediately provided to the school, jumpstarting the inclusion of a music curriculum where none existed before.
In Phase 2 of Project OASIS, current OASIS schools are partnered with OASIS Mentor Schools. A stipend/honorarium is provided to both teachers for their collaboration time outside of the school day. At the end of the school year a festival brings Project OASIS and OASIS Mentor Schools together for a final performance and celebration.
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