Our Mission Statement

The Evergreen Music Foundation believes that music should play a vital role in education. As one the indispensable branches of a well-rounded education, music offers an invaluable way in which to experience and appreciate the world.


Our aim is to introduce students to an instrument that is beautifully simple to learn and play – a gateway instrument that is fascinating for its multi-cultural history and significance. This goal is richly served by the ocarina.


The ocarina is an accessible, versatile instrument that has been around for millennia in cultures as diverse as that of the Aztecs and Mayans to China and India. When the ocarina eventually found its way to Europe, it was further developed to produce a wider range of notes, inspiring renowned musicians and orchestras to adopt it. Since then it has had a remarkable place in the world stage, offering an ideal chance for musical as well as a historical lessons.


Musically, the ocarina produces a unique, whimsical sound that has gained popularity in recent years due to it being featured in the popular video game “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” – a reference that many a student will appreciate.


This very mixture of ancient and modern; erudite and popular; simple and complex, makes the ocarina an especially appealing instrument from which to build a musical foundation. We would relish your contribution to make ocarinas known to students as an inclusive instrument that can open a world of musical possibilities.

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