Welcome To Evergreen Music Foundation

The Evergreen Music Foundation is a non-profit organization that believes that music instruction is a core part of a complete education, offering children critical opportunities for achievement, creativity, and growth. We assist elementary and middle schools in getting their music programs up and running, using the ocarina as their primary musical instrument.

We provide quality instruments for students, as well as unlimited assistance and proven research-based instructional strategies to schools and teachers wishing to either jump-start their music programs or start one from the ground up. By focusing on the ocarina – a magical, easy-to-play instrument that kids love – we hope to give every child the opportunity to thrive in ways only a music education can offer.

Explore our site to see what our foundation has to offer. If you believe, as we do, that every child deserves a chance to thrive musically, please consider donating to our foundation. If you’re a teacher or educator who would like help in bringing an ocarina program to your school, please check out Our Programs and consider applying to be one of our classrooms.

Our Programs

We have three separate programs designed for the best music education based on ages and groups.

Project OASIS

Bringing educators to your classroom

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Ocarina Fundamentals! Program

A FUNdamentals Ocarina Program

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Success Stories

“The ocarina is very accessible for young musicians. My students had the tools they needed to perform and compose simple songs after day one.”

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